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School Rules

  1. Student should bring to school his/her school diary every day.
  2. Care must be taken of the school property and no student should damage thing belonging to the school or to the others. Any damage done will be good by the offender.
  3. No valuable or expensive items should be brought to the school. Students are not allowed to wear jewellery or expensive watches and no expensive pens are allowed. Mobile and other items are not allowed in the school.
  4. The school may not retain any student who shows his/her performance that he/she can't benefit from the type of education imparted in the school.
  5. Parents may interact with school staff on PTM or at 2:30 p.m. with prior appointment. They can also communicate with the teachers through student's dairy.
  6. Absence of a student from school must be followed with written application, countersigned by parents, stating the reason for leave Minimum 90% Attendance is must for getting promoted to next class.
  7. Medical certificate is essential for sick leave availes for more than two days. Leave availed for special occasion musst be duly sanctioned.
  8. Continued absence for more than 06 days without leave renders the student liable to be removed from the rolls of the school. Re-admission is possible if seat is available.
  9. If, there is any change of address, telephone number, the same must be informed to the office immediately.
  10. Parents and guardians must know that no school teacher is allowed to take private tuition. Therefore parents should not force the teachers of the school to take tuition for their wards.
  11. See that your ward carries books, exercise books etc. according to the time-table to avoid heavy bags.
  12. Prescribed exercise note book will only be permitted for use in school. Not personal diaries will be allowed.
  13. Encourage ward to take a balanced interest in studies and co-currcular activities.
  14. Students are carried to and from the school by chartered buses/vans. It is optional.
  15. Bus routes are fixed and students may avail any of the existing routes convenient to them. Requests for change of routes points are normally not entertained and cannot be claimed as a right.
  16. Indiscipline behavior in the school bus will make the students ineligible to use school transport.
  17. Every precaution is taken for the smooth running of the transport system so that the welfare and the safety of the children is not jeopardized, yet the school management can't be held responsible for any mishap.
  18. Parents are requested to drop/take their children on their own and be well on time at the bus stop.
  19. During unavoidable circumstances, school management may ask the parents to arrange their own conveyance for their ward.